Bheesham Persaud

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Amazon Web Services is User Hostile

I use AWS every day. I love using their services. But jeez, sometimes it's a little frustrating. AWS recently started to demo version 2 of the new Console design. Some parts of it aren't great.

Inconsistent experiences when enabled

Enabling V2 and V1 at the same time for different pages breaks expectations. Some pages within EC2 are V2 enabled, but others fall back to V1.

Going from one page to another can be a bit jarring as the controls are no longer consistently laid out.

Change of functionality with lists

The way the resource list works has changed. You now have to be more accurate when selecting resources. Before, you were usually able to click on a row, now you have to be a little more precise and click on a column in a row to select a specified resource.

Not consistent about opt-in defaults

V2 is opt-out for EC2, whereas for Redshift it's opt-in.

Even in V1 there are inconsistencies

In EC2, for Spot instances, you have to click the select input if you'd like to select a Spot Instance request. In most other places it's fine if you click on the row.